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Pirate IMG_1303.JPG

 Malu pirate.

pirate is out of sparkadia who is now retired living with us as a pet.

pirate is a spotted tabby , beautiful coat & ear placement

pirate is now retired 

emily.jpg V

malu Emily,

our new queen ,who is out of Black caviar & Richie Mcpaw.she is yet to start breeding,but is a beautiful girl to carry on the montpelier gucci's line. 


D.G.Ch.Malu Perlorus Rose.

mark & perlorus rose_1.jpg

Rosie is a cinnamon point tabby siamese.she has a very gentle nature & has lovely bonny kittens.

i breed Rosie to Rocky so i can have the cinnamon gene passed on in her kittens.

as of 2019 she is now retired to become a lovely pet



 Syana Sophia rosa,our chocolate classic tabby

thank you Lisa for her


Zarzurela this time la luna "arrow" because of the arrow marking on her forehead.


D.G.Ch. Zarzuela This time La Luna. is our 1st Bi colour oriental.

she is chocolate & white with beautiful green eyes.

Thank you to Fiona in NZ for breeding her for us

she has had her last litter. 

 her daughter cat of the year inNZ .

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